Another Project; A Grimm Tale

Originally Posted Nov.5th 2015

So here I am at the start of another project, yes, it may be mere days after I finished Iris. But I move in mysterious ways. By that I mean I am easily confused and I need to let my last project sit for a bit before I can go back and edit it. I like to think it’s like taking a step back. I’m pretty sure it’s got more to do with my terrible attention span.

I’ve decided to work with the title A Grimm Tale, another Interactive work for me, and I’ve knocked out a working cover which you can see if you head over to NaNoWriMo and check me out there:

I’ve even come up with a little tag line: “Last but not least there must always be an escape. A way to break the curse, I’m sure you know some stories. True loves kiss, that’s a popular one, giving away a firstborn, trading away your voice. Things like that.”

As you can see I’ve been having fun with it. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like starting new projects. I have to say that the thing I enjoy about them most is the research.

That’s been especially fun for this project, as it basically involves me reading as many of their stories as I can, and pulling together the most interesting cast list I can find. I hard task, truly, because there are so many interesting stories and mussed up ideas that it’s hard to par down what I want to use. I’ve actually ended up combining a lot of them, for example with one chapter I’ve ended up with a Frog Prince/Cinderella mash up.

The book I’ve been using for research is this one here:

I really recommend it for no other reason than it makes great bed time reading, stories are short snacky sizes, ranging from half a page to five pages.

Also when I say bedtime reading, let me be clear, bed time reading for adults. There is one title for a story that sums up why this is the case, ‘The Children That Played At Slaughtering’. No messing around. The story is all of half a page and yet five people still manage to get brutally murdered. It’s been a while since I read anything from the Grimm Brothers and even then I never went and read all their little lesser known works, and I wish I had as they never seem to go the way you would expect. I’m not sure whether that’s because of our Disneyfied Western standard of fairy tales we have now, or whether it’s because they are genuinely surprising, either way the book’s engaging if nothing else.

So I’m using NaNoWriMo to power through and get some working trial chapters by the end of the year. Keep an eye out, games always need beta testers.

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