Forests of the Fae: Devlin’s Door – Kristine Kibbee

Devlin'sDoorFrontcover.jpgA Day in the Life of Anne Owens

Oh . . . poor, unfortunate Anne. I always write her into such sticky situations. I’m afraid the dear girl hasn’t had a normal day since she met me! Under my care, a day for Anne may start off with a Faerie Changeling leering at her from over a bowl of hot oatmeal. The being would lap at the steamy goo, seemingly unware of its repugnance, and scowl at Anne through the entire process. Or perhaps Anne might share breakfast time with her disagreeable cousin, Lexie? We’d find Lexie tapping away at her I-Phone screen while Anne interacted with her clueless Aunt and slovenly Uncle over a breakfast of day-old pizza, and perhaps some bacon on the side. Bits of bacon would surely get caught in Uncle Pat’s beard, or Aunt Claudia’s cleavage, and Anne would lose her appetite and be forced to abandon the meal altogether.

In the hours following breakfast, Anne would surely find herself sleuthing for clues regarding the local coven of Faerie creatures, though her attempts would no doubt be thwarted by a meddlesome Faerie mole, or her sadistic cousin, who seems forever determined to make Anne squirm.

Perhaps a trip to the local library would be in order. Anne would immerse herself in stacks of dusty old books, seeking any mention of the abandoned ghost town that lingered just a few miles away, and find its history just as elusive as its abducted residents. A weathered old man or a steely-eyed grandmother may shoot glares at Anne as she read, their narrowed eyes like razors bent on cutting her down.

Without question, some horrible misfortune would befall Anne as her search for clues continued, and she’d land herself in a scary situation—one from which our readers may question whether or not she’d escape. Perhaps by wing or by foot, a savior would arrive, just in the nick of time. But no sooner would Anne find respite than her beastly Aunt Claudia would come clawing out of the woodwork—demanding, “Where have you been?” and telling Anne “Your parents are gonna kill me if I lose track of their precious lil’ princess!” A livid expression would paint her wide, flat face, and she’s snarl over top of the cigarette dangling from her pink-lined lips.

Claudia may decide that to keep Anne safe, and to keep herself on good terms with her brother and sister-in-law, house arrest was fully warranted. She’d sequester Anne in Lexie’s room and as Anne snaked through piles of dirty clothes and abandoned schoolbooks to reach her meager cot beside Lexie’s bed, she’d wilt like a dying flower. Her grief would be brief however, because, let’s face it, I never let our girl relax for long! The room’s only window would call to Anne like a forbidden treat and before long, she’d be shimming through it, and on to her next catastrophe.


That was Kristine in her new book Devlin’s Door. I have to say I absolutely love the front cover, and the books looks to be full of mishaps and mischief – definitely my kind of thing. If you like the sound of it too you can find a copy here:

Or you can find Kristine on Facebook and Twitter:

Forests of the Fae: Devlin’s Door

At thirteen, Anne did not expect to find herself traveling all alone, on her way to spending her summer with family she neither knows nor wants to know. But here she is; stuck on this train with a most annoying nine-year-old boy whose only interesting contribution to her journey is the strange story of an abandoned Victorian town hidden in the woods near her destination.

When Anne arrives at her backwoods stop, she is met by her ornery relatives and her horrific older cousin who is determined to spoil Anne’s summer with her maleficent tricks. Anne needs to escape into an adventure and remembers the story of the forgotten town. Determined to find this place, Anne follows her cousin and friends to the abandoned town where they goad her into entering one of the cobweb-filled old homes and leave her locked inside.

While searching for a way out, Anne stumbles through a hole in the floor and unknowingly steps into an ominous, ghost-filled mystery. As she digs deeper into the secrets of this house, she discovers a weathered journal that reveals a magic-infused history hundreds of years old and a tragic secret: a curse has trapped the town and its inhabitants in a place not meant to be found by humans. The more she discovers about the secrets of this place, the closer she gets to the chilling realization that she is not alone in Devlin.

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