Insatiable – Book Review

I was really looking forward to reading Insatiable. It was a recommendation from Brainfluffs ( blog a while ago and it came to the top of my reading pile at a great time. The last book I read (not ‘Monster’, the review I’m talking about has yet to be posted) was just awful, badly written badly everything. I was really looking forward to a fun sardonic romp around to remind me of why I love reading.insatiablecover

Insatiable is so much more than a romp though. I was so geared to have some good laugh out loud moments and enjoy some serious silliness, but I was expecting to promptly forget most of it, as you do with lite reads, to just be left with a good-will feeling. I laughed certainly, but I’m not going to forget Insatiable in a hurry, I know it’s supposed to be a roast of Vampire romance books and Vampire culture, but it actually does the job better than any of the other books I’ve read in the genre.

Let’s start with the main character, Meena, who I love. She’s sassy, sarcastic, spritely and pro-actively sexy, something you don’t see often portrayed in leading females. Now I have used an avalanche of alliteration to praise her I will simply say if you have a weakness for character arcs you should read this book, Meena makes a butt load of mistakes, and grows like a champion. It’s imperative you see her journey through to the end. And, let’s be honest, who can’t love a heroine who assumes the big reveal, that her love interest is a Vampire, is a very strange joke?

It’s not just Meena, the whole cast is well thought out and, most importantly, funny. Special mentions must go to Alaric Wulf the Vampire Hunter, who grumbles throughout and makes snide comments about Vampires interior decorating tastes. Secondly Mary Lou, the next door neighbor who everyone assumes is too stupid to be clued in on anything and yet knows more than most of the characters who consider themselves on the ball. And Jack Baur the cock-blocking dog.

No book with these elements can be bad, it’s simply fact.

Now, without wishing to spoil, (but I must say as it was one of my favorite parts of the book) I must say how surprised I was by how things played out. I don’t mean plot wise, Insatiable is one of those fabulous experiences that expects you to work out whats going on long before the characters do so you can yell the answers at the top of your voice to no avail. No, I mean character arcs and developments. Some real missteps are thrown in there  and it really put the proverbial cherry on the whole experience for me.

I’ve been a fan of Meg Cabot since I was a teenager, anyone whose read anything of hers will know her writing isn’t exactly complex – but it is good. Insatiable was a fantastically fun read, and I’d recommend it to anyone who knows how to laugh. The worst thing I could possibly say about it is the moment I finished I went on Amazon to buy book two, and it’s ruined my recommendation list by filling it with Twilight knock-offs.


2 thoughts on “Insatiable – Book Review

  1. Just added this to my amazon list. I love Meg Cabot, and this sounds exactly like my kind of book!

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