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Right, I had other books in my read pile. But Overbite is the follow up to Insatiable, which I loved, so when this arrived I couldn’t resist. But Overbite is very much an echo of Insatiable; a repeat, only weaker and, at some points, distorted into nonsense.

So, sure, Overbite was funny, sometimes, but I laughed out loud maybe twice, where Insatiable I couldn’t read in public because I was constantly making unseemly snorting noises. With a few laughs Overbite doesn’t have nothing to offer, but if it hadn’t been the second runner, as it were, I doubt I would have finished it. You see I have this, very much un-researched, feeling that Overbite was something Meg Cabot was told to write by a publisher, or rushed to write in favor of another project.

For starters the planning seems rather hurried and unchecked, I don’t know how to describe it other than to say that things just didn’t mesh very well. Events didn’t follow from one another smoothly and the whole thing felt rather jilted. One of the big plot points is that a large group of people go missing, after Meena has warned them not to go. It’s been firmly established Meena can see people’s deaths in the future, and that people believe her visions, why did they just shrug and say ‘silly Menna, being all crazy again’. Why? There a quite a few moments like that, and sure coherent plot is not job number one in a comedy book, but Meg Cabot proved in Insatiable she could do both so I don’t see why we shouldn’t expect more from her now.

Another example to support my ‘rushed’ theory; the ending happens in the space of about 20 pages, I’m not even joking when I say I checked the page numbers because I was convinced a chapter had dropped out the book.

None of what I’ve said so far has been lethal injection bad, it just didn’t live up to expectations. But the metaphorical ball is dropped and shattered when it comes to the characters and character development.

I loved Meena in Insatiable, she was actually one of my favorite things about the whole experience, but she seems to have regressed. She grew so much in Book One, into someone who stands her ground and fights for what she believes in and doesn’t make excuses for pretty vampire boys just because they flutter their eyelashes at her. In Overbite she reverts to ‘Classic Romantic Heroine’ or as I like to call them Twits, constantly making excuses for the bad men in her life, taking responsibility for things that obviously aren’t her fault but that she wants to feel bad about, getting rescued and even swooning at one point.  What happened to you Meena?

That’s to say nothing of her supporting cast, I never before got the impression that Meena’s brother, Jon, had much of an anger issue, but the only time we really see him in this book he’s angrily flipping tables in a café. I can’t say much more about that scene because I struggled to follow it, but it was absurd and had no impact on anything, so I’m not sure why it was there. It’s a nonsense disease all the characters suffer from, the characters I loved in the last book I tolerated, the characters I hated I began to despise. Seriously it’s a wonder I didn’t pop an eye vein every time Lucien opened his stupid I-am-big-man mouth.

And now the final and cheapest of the cheap shots, did Meg Cabot watch Buffy the Vampire slayer in between writing these two books? Because some of her old lore got dropped in favor of Buffy lore, it was never before established, or adhered to, that vampires can’t enter unless invited and there are hell mouths all over the place. Where did they come from?

I rant because I had so much fun with the Insatiable, and so little with Overbite. So much went wrong. So much so I can’t even advise reading it to tie up the loose threads left by Insatiable. Seriously make up your own ending, sure Overbite’s short, but it really isn’t worth it.


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