Berlin Travel Blog – Day Four

As you may have guessed Day Four was quite a bit shorter, as I spent a fair amount of it asleep. I was sensible enough with the drink to not have a hangover, but I slept till midday, and then after a short outing crashed and burned and had to go back to bed.

But my little outing was nice, I re walked a lot of Berlin and stopped an enjoyed some of the sights I whizzed past the first time, did some mock up sketches and stopped for coffee every five yards:

Now for those of you who have stuck with me since Day 1 will know my sketch book went walk about at the end of my trip, the point of day four was to share a lot of the studies of the architecture and talk about that – unfortunately I only have a few photos to show you and a couple of anecdotes.


I saw these locks on the bridge railings as well – I missed them to first time I was in such a rush blur. I know they do this in Paris two, where I couple come and chain a lock to symbolize their love – I think it’s really nice and a great idea – maybe I’ll go back with a lock of my own sometime.


The only new person I really met today was this dog Bruno, and his human – he was the cutest thing, I got chatting to his owner because she was having to physically lug him down the road – apparently they were returning from their walk and he didn’t want to go back to work. I know she meant her work, but I couldn’t help the image of Bruno suited and booted, sitting at a desk, entering my mind.


As you can see, very slow paced.

Then an afternoon nap; later Elephant, Princess and The Canadian (who popped up last chapter and who I will now refer to as Robot,for his job, not personality), had a relaxed diner together and talked about our hopes and dreams late into the night.

That’s a lie, it would have been far to poignant to talk about that, instead we discussed sexy clothing, the idea of being haunted and what vegetable truly represents our personalities. All in all, a slow day, but I good one and I really felt I got the chance to see a different side of Berlin.

As it turned out I needed this rest day, because from there to the end of my trip –  don’t get much rest at all. See you tomorrow!

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