Berlin Travel Blog – Day 6

So I know I signed off early yesterday, being very tired and all – I intended to get an early night and make the most of my last few days in Berlin. I really did
I failed miserably. It was Robot’s last night, so we started out with a few glasses of wine to say good bye, and that escalated into a trip to the late shop for more wine, then a game of Jenga (yes Jenga, I couldn’t even believe the hostel had a set), then some games of pool.
It was a pretty good night in all. Elephant is always a laugh (when he’s not trying to get people to play his counting games), and Princess suggested we play one of those strange question games, so we did a lot of arguing over what historical figure you’d least want to be haunted by, and we spent a while pondering our soul vegetable.
It may sound like a strange thing to do, go to a different country and spend the night in the hostel just talking, but Elephant’s spent a lot of time in India, Robot lived in Australia and Princess is a student, so we found we didn’t run out of stories.
But on today – woke up quite late, but feeling fine, I have a plan for tomorrow but none for today, so I set off walking. Passing the park I realize I’ve walked around it, but not through it, so I start doing that, thinking it will take an hour at most. As if – the park is huge, with loads of sculpture is different gardens inside, I went to the rose garden which was full of roses, and the English Garden which was full of absolutely nothing. Hmm.

Isn’t it gorgeous. And the animals are so friendly to, it was like being in a princess film, I was nearly convinced they were going to start braiding my hair they were so close.
Speaking of animals I found Caspian’s doppelganger – shame she wasn’t with me, she could have said hello.

One of the things I really like about the park was this five stone project Germany is part of. Basically five countries swap giant rocks and arrange them in a large circle. The idea is that you sit in the center and meditate on the unity of the countries. It would have helped if the info plaque had mentioned which countries, but I did it anyway to be a good sport.

So I mentioned the park’s pretty big, I did actually manage to get lost – but it doesn’t really matter because I stumbled across this:

It was one of those sights that I kind of thought ‘If I have time cool, but I’m not that fussed’, but I hadn’t realized just how impressive the monument would be. I couldn’t really do it justice with the sizing since I was alone today, so I couldn’t stand next to it to give scale.
But you get the idea I hope. The info plaque was a bit thin on the ground, but the statue is from the 1800 celebrating Wilhelm I’s victories.
It was getting quite late so I started to make my way back to the hostel, grabbed some food (which later turned out to be a very good idea), and had an early diner. It was Princess’s last night, but we thought since we’d had a late one the night before we’d check out early.
I think you might see a pattern emerging here, because that didn’t happen, even a little bit.
This is where we met someone new, I’m going to call him DJ since that was his job in Texas before he picked up and decided to backpack around Europe. He’s one of those people who enter’s a room and introduces himself to everyone in it, regardless of social context. It was his first night and he had a club suggestion. Since I had a few late night’s in Berlin but hadn’t actually spent that much time exploring the night life I was game and so was Princess so the three of us, urgh next day me hates saying this, picked up a bottle of wine to drink on the way there, then a bottle of vodka which we took inside and danced (flailed) the night away. Princess dropped out at about 3AM but DJ and I were there till… I have no idea, it was light when we left.
We had a pretty good time, it was called the Kit-Kat club, which if you look it up online you will see is a fetish club on every night but Monday’s, thank god for Monday’s else we wouldn’t have gotten in since I left my leather bra in my other travel case. That aside it does look like a fetish club, all black except strange larger the life psychedelic paintings on the walls and lots of poles and cages. We met a few characters. I got picked up and carried around for a while by a giant German in a white furry waist coat and was given a lap dance by an overly enthusiastic young woman, only to be cornered by her friend later on, demanding to know why I hadn’t asked her out yet. All the while DJ standing there splitting his sides in a very helpful way.
So another late night, we weren’t back at the hostel till 8AM, DJ just got into bed with me like it was the most natural thing in the world and asked for a cuddle.
I said no.
He asked again.
I said no.
He asked again.
I tipped him out of bed, where he basically turtled on the floor, arms and legs in the air. He made a pretty loud bang though so he sticks his head up like a meerkat to make sure no one saw that and then slipped back into his own bed.

I’m starting to miss my own, very private, room.

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