Berlin Travel Blog – Day 7 (Final Day)

I agreed on Day 2 to go with Elephant to the Philharmonic hall for a free concert and he dutifully woke me up in time to leave. I wasn’t feeling that bad but I think that’s because I was still drunk.
DJ decided to come with us even though I’m sure he was still drunk too and we ran into Ginger (a new Canadian, who we met briefly the previous night) on the way there, and he tagged along too.
It was a pretty amazing concert, the people playing were actually these child prodigies from the university, so they were between 12 and 16 and they were phenomenal, it was all Classical, the only piece I recognized was Elgar, but I’m not that up on Classical music so it could have been anything for all I knew.
After that I insisted we go get coffee and the others wanted food so we went to the shiny new Berlin Mall to get food on the top floor. We spent quite a bit of time here, and I sat through nearly two hours of ‘guy talk’ which I pretended to be vaguely exasperated by but found the amount of cock measuring going on to be nothing short of hilarious.
I wanted to go to the Markehurst Museum (a Museum dedicated to the History of Berlin from Medieval times through to now) before I left so they other guys said they’d keep me company. This turned out to be a bad suggestion, despite the museum advertising the fact it had it’s info in English this was a dirty lie, maybe five of the big info plaques were in English but all the little bit paragraphs under the actual pieces were in German, we started off by calling Elephant over to translate and gravitated over to a state of looking at the pretty objects and making up nonsense to go with them.

We stayed till the museum shut though so I guess it could have been worse.
I was starting to get the shakes so we head back to the hostel and I get to nap with the promise of meeting up in a few hours for food from Ginger, who’s a chef, lucky us!
This is where the story kind of falls flat, we had a nice diner and on the one night I actually had every intention of going out we went out and couldn’t fine anywhere, we trekked around ages found one really over priced bar who suggested somewhere, we went there only to find it shut.
In the end my last night in Berlin consisted of trolling to the late shop, then sitting drinking while DJ and I tried to figure out what the heck Ginger was trying to say, because the more he drank the more he kept dropping into very very fast French. Not the ending I was hoping for – but not bad all the same.

I don’t mind telling you that dragging myself out for an early flight the next morning wasn’t pretty! So I hope you guys have liked following me on my little trip to Berlin – I certainly found it fun sharing all my littler experiences , and I’m heartily recommending Berlin- my next trip planned is a horse trekking expedition in August, so you’ll have more travel stories from me then!

4 thoughts on “Berlin Travel Blog – Day 7 (Final Day)

  1. Horse trekking sounds like excellent fun! Can’t wait for more travel blogs 🙂

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  2. Really enjoyed this series of Berlin updates. The Reichstag was my favourite thing in Berlin. I’ve just written a blog on Berlin too: Top 10 Awesome Things to do in Berlin. I’d really be interested in your feedback! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the feedback – I’ll head over and check it out. Glad you enjoyed it!

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