New Interactive Romance – The Golden Phoenix Inn

So I’ve been working really hard at publishing Iris, but I’ve been beavering away at my next project too. I wanted to do something fun to relieve the tension, so while I’ve done Interactive Fiction before I thought I’d kick it up a notch and do a full blown Visual Novel – it’s coming along pretty well so here the first of what’s going to be a bit of a development blog. So here it is, a big fun fantasy romance romp.GoldenPhoenixPubsign.png

The Golden Phoenix:

Finally! You’re here, you’re a student at Adena Towers – You’re going to be an Alchemist. That’s if you can make it through the Academy without blowing yourself up or getting eaten by one of the Fell.

Sure money is tight, but you’ve bagged a job and a room at the Golden Phoenix Inn so you should be able to keep your head above water – with a bit of hard work that is.

And true, you’re new so you don’t have any friends and your family is far away, but with in a city full of festivals, a school full of Alchemists and a pub full of unusual patrons you’ll make friends in no time.

You hope.

Here are just some of the things you have to look forward to:

-Play as Noya, a sparky girl from a village in the mountain’s, determined to become an Alchemist if it kills her (which it might).

-5 Romancable characters, both male and female,  with many alternate routes available and many more friends to make.

-Learn Alchemy and Mix Potions by solving riddles, and finding ingredients.

-New Adventures every week; trap unruly Poltergeists, track down stolen horses, deal with cursed gems, angry Demons and (of course) large rats in the Golden Phoenix.

The game is well underway at this point with more than half the art work and coding done, the writing is going well too, although I will admit the music is flagging.

Last thing I’ll show you is two of the characters Felix and Quinain – both of these guys are possible romances and very very different.FelixBlogPromo.pngQuinainBlogPromo.png

Two more characters will be coming soon!

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