Book Review – Not Another Vampire Story

Author: SakurapuNot Another Vampire Story

When I went for this book I thought it was a comedy book, with a self-aware title like ‘Not Another Vampire Story’ I assumed it would play up tropes, parody the genre and make for quite a nice easy read.

However, the book is not a comedy, and I think the biggest failing of the whole thing is that I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to be. We’ve already ruled out comedy, but is it a romance? No, not really, we have the typical vampire story set up but the book is told from the perspective of the love interest younger sister, rather than the love interest herself, so the romance is all observed rather than experienced. So, drama, maybe? Nope, a few fun little pre-teen girl drama moments happen throughout the book, but that’s hardly the point.

Honestly at about the half way point I was thoroughly convinced that the title itself was a gag, and the book was going to make a joke of pop culture’s new spin on vampiric myth, and a comment on how book characters jump to, the inevitably, correct conclusions in such a rush that realistically they would be considered unhinged and most probably be wrong. In other words, I genuinely thought it was not going to be another vampire story.

Yeah, I know I could probably do with a head removal from my arse but I probably would have preferred the book if that was the case. You see I quite liked the book, seriously. It’s well written (bar the persistent misuse of the word ‘lowly’), the dialogue especially, did a really good job of depicting the inter relationships of all the cast, most notably between the two sisters. There’s a really nice moment where older sister comes in to rub cream
on younger sisters’ cheek after she gets hit with a volleyball, and on her way out just casually teases ‘Your cheek will feel better, but the cream causes horrible acne’. So some nice character moments for us all to enjoy but, and here I’m circling back to my earlier point, what’s the point of it all?

Some of the moments are nice, then, in an ending that’s more rushed than a man who’s just taken a laxative ten miles from the nearest bathroom, the Vampire thing is explained and the book just kind of ends… and that’s it. I’m not one of these people who think everything needs to serve a greater plot, but some kind of point or arc would probably have been a good idea, because if someone were to ask me ‘So why should I read it?’ I’ll I’d be able to do is shrug and go ‘I dunno’.

So the book was fine, I didn’t hate it but I’ll probably forget it in a week. It’s a shame, because if this author has any ideas of their own have no doubt that that hypothetical book would make a good read.

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