So I’ve been pushing the Golden Phoenix Inn quite hard recently and it’s coming along in leaps and bounds.

Myself and a few other damned souls are Alpha testing the first few weeks and it’s looking pretty good, so I thought I’d share some screen caps I took while I was running the routes.

It’s going well and I hope you enjoy these little teasers.

“Absolutely right, even the sight of teenagers in their rivers has been known to send them into a murderous frenzy. Which reminds me, there’s a river northeast of here you really shouldn’t go in.”

A moment from one of your many ‘Scavenging and Spelunking’ Classes.

“Believe it or not that wasn’t me. Noya and I seem to have picked up a curse.”

This is a moment from a quest in Week 1. You and Felix, the unlucky yet charming salesman, find yourselves in a difficult situation involving a curse, stolen goods and barnyard animals.

“I can’t discuss it now, it’s a rather long story. You are, of course, under no obligation to help me, this would be a personal favour.”

The opening of a quest from Week 2, you’re crotchety Professor asking you for a favour.

“You think I got flirtation and basic politeness mixed up?”

Persephone, your friend and boss, disbelieving of your ability to get a date with Golden Phoneix Inn’s mystery character.


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