Comfy Crimbo Reads – Review Speical 5 (Final), The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The best book or perhaps simply freshest in my memory… Who knows? Either way a great read. along with most of my Christmas reviews actually… Hope I helped you find a book for your Christmas Weekend – Have a good one!

Author: Joanna Bolourithe most wonderful time of the year.jpg

The plot of this particular book really belongs in the 90’s romcom list with 10 things I hate about you and Never been Kissed, it’s that kind of never-would-really silliness plot. Forever alone type, excited about bringing her new boyfriend home for Christmas, tells her family about him. A few days before she’s due to present him they break up, so she pays her wildly inappropriate neighbour to pretend to be the boyfriend, to avoid the pity and pointed comments her family give her about the failure that is her love life. Of course, she and the fake boyfriend get to know each other over the heart-warming season and there is much romance.

It’s as cheesy as it sounds, but the execution makes it work. Fake boyfriend is actually very funny, and the dialogue between him and Emily, our leading lady, has that upbeat buffy-the-vampire-slayer kind of sass that’s equal parts endearing and absurd. Emily herself is also appropriately sarcastic, when, on the first page of a book your main character is describing her ex-train engineer boyfriend as ‘Thomas the Wank Engine’ you know you’re in for a good ride.

We have to like Emily’s jibes as well, because at the beginning, going out with her first boyfriend, you more pity her; as she’s one of those women who’s under so much pressure to be with someone she’s making excuses to herself for the absolute sink-plunger she’s with. It’s something that’s happened to all of us, but pity, with a side-dish of shame, is not a feeling I necessarily want from my Christmas books.

Anyhow if that bit puts you off I would advise you push on to the family Christmas where it all perks up. As it’s brilliantly fun, it’s not only the main two that are funny, Emily’s family is a hoot, and the whole Christmas event is packed with those incredibly embarrassing stories most families have that are hilarious as long as you’re hearing the story and not experiencing it.

I did a lot of laughing out loud when I read this, except for the end, which perplexed me a little, as I can see what the author is trying to do, but it’s so rushed I was left more bemused than satisfied. I would also say the humour sometimes wonders too far into ‘reference parody’ territory, which in my opinion is something that belongs on the internet where you can easily look up a joke you’ve been left on the sidelines of.

If nothing I’ve said has put you off, then this is the book for you. And if you aren’t sure judges it by the fact I’ve covered its faults in less than 400 words. If you’re looking for humour this Christmas, I think this book is the way to go.

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