Golden Phoenix Inn – Persephone Art


This is Persephone from my upcoming Visual Novel ‘The Golden Phoenix Inn’ which, now my new book is finished, is back in development.

This is just an image I did for fun to practice perspective as it’s a weakness of mine, and Persephone is one of my favourites. So, of course, I thought ‘Hey, let’s push her over’. But I thought you might like me to share it with you all (let’s not think what that says about either of us).

I know I’ve been very coy with what I have in dev right now, GP took a back seat as I learned to code a little better, but it’s back on track now so watch this space for more info and if you just like looking at pretty pictures you can check out my deviant art ( It’s not my professional page, just somewhere I like to post doodles.

1 thought on “Golden Phoenix Inn – Persephone Art

  1. Why would you push her over? Meanie 😛


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