Camper Full Of Animals – A Weekend In Which I Get Cheered For My Failure

So I made it to the weekend without running myself over; success! And thought, after three days of not doing much interesting, that I should really strike out and explore; I decided to do the tourist thing and hit Skegness properly because, despite living quite close to it, I’ve never actually been, always trekked up to Whitby whenever I wanted to see the sea.

However, I hit a bit of a snag when, Friday night, I decided to sleep in a service station car park. This is where I did a massive stupid that was 100% me being an idiot. Basically, I have a pretty modern car, that I have driven for years, if I am forgetful enough to leave my lights on, my car obligingly turns them off for me. Yeah… 20+ year old transits don’t do that.

I woke up to a flat battery and spent an hour eating my body weight in breakfast in a Little Chef while I waited for the RAC to turn up. Turns out, even if I hadn’t left the battery on all night, it needed replacing (I knew it would have to happen soon, I’d already had to jump the car to get it started when I set off the first time, I just hoped I’d be able to push it a bit longer), so that got done.

On the plus side the RAC guy was a treat, giving me advice on my lazy alternator (another fix I’m going to ignore till it becomes a problem) and telling me about the seaside village he grew up in and how you can see seal pups being born if you go visit between Nov-Dec time. I’ve added this to my list of things to do and will be returning to see seal pups soon!

Finally, I made it to Skegness, found a street to park in (people in campers take note, Skeg parking is not kind to those with tall vehicles) and took Caspian straight to the beach.


Making her the happiest dog in the world. I mean I love the beach, but she really LOVES the beach, like an inappropriate amount, even for a dog. We met a couple of Beagles, Nala and Milo, who refused to leave us when it was time to go home, determined to stay and play fetch. But in the end, we had to leave too.

Luckily it was a cool afternoon and I’d found a shady place to park so I left Caspian napping off her excitement in Enid and took myself into all the places they don’t allow dogs.

Now you can’t go to the beach and not go on the arcade’s so I did, getting embarrassingly excited over DDR machines and this thing I’ve never seen before called a ‘Star Wars Pod’ that is a surround screen that lets you fly and X-wing in all the famous Star Wars locations. I picked Hoth. Star Wars fans? You remember that guy on Hoth who got shot with a grappling hook? That’s how much I sucked.

Still, I had a good time(I got seaside donut’s, no one can be sad with those), and while I wasn’t angling for tickets I did end up with enough to get myself a penguin, that I have now hung from Enid as a memento.

I gave bowling a go as well. I have not bowled in a very long time. Bowling is hard. I was stubborn though, and refused to put the barriers up. Which was probably a mistake. I ended up rolling a gentleman’s 20, scoring the last six points on my final ball, and causing an old couple who were sat in the booths watching too loudly cheer and applaud me.

The shame!

Evening coming I got myself some fish and chips (You have to when at the beach, it’s the law), and drove back up towards Sutton-on-Sea to a car park I’d found that lets you park right up on the sand (Huttoft Car Terrace)

Within stone’s throw of the ice cream shop.

If you are ever lucky enough to have a camper visit this spot. It’s an endless stretch of beach, there were some other campers with the same idea and I spent my evening drinking wine, eating fish and chips and splashing barefoot in the ocean with Caspian under a huge clear moon.

Of which I didn’t take a picture because I’m a failure as a millennial.

I decided it was time to head down south the following day, but I had one thing I had to do first. You remember the ice cream place from the last blog post? I had to try their ice cream.

It was as good as it looked the first time. I had Apple Pie, Amaretto, Pear, Black Cherry, Coffee… don’t think about how much ice cream I ate, it will only disturb you.

But for anyone in the area I highly recommend a visit to this little farm shop (website here) staff are friendly, ice cream is delicious and they have normal person food too if you don’t feel like risking a sugar coma.

With a plan to see my friend in Surry I started making my way south, and so I finish the story of my weekend with a breakdown. Hitting something on the motorway that shredded Enid’s tire’s and meant I had to call the RAC for the second time in 48 hours. The woman on the phone actually lectured me about calling, like I intentionally broke Enid because I was lonely and desperate for conversation.

So they sent a tow because apparently, the RAC can’t help with tires at night time. Neither do they go out on calls twice, which meant I couldn’t call them up in the morning for tire help either.

“We only deal with problems once,” the woman on the phone said. I pointed out she wasn’t so much dealing with the problem as moving it. She did not find this amusing.

So, taking a stab in the dark I looked up the closest mechanic and got the tow to drop me outside it, in the hope they would be able to help in the morning.

The tow guy was nice enough, except for, before leaving me to sleep in this lorry park, he detailed me on all the break-ins and robberies that went on there. Like a bedtime story, with more nightmares.

So that’s how my weekend ended, with shredded tires in a lorry park, with a set of very upset animals, praying for Sunday to be an unpopular day with criminals for a bit of breaking and entering.

2 thoughts on “Camper Full Of Animals – A Weekend In Which I Get Cheered For My Failure

  1. At least there were donuts!


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