Camper Full Of Animals – In Which I forget to do everything in the New Forest

Those who have been following the blog closely will know there’s been quite a gap since the last one, unfortunately my laptop broke and I’ve been unable to post at all and lost most of the photos I took for the blog. I should be back to posting regularly now but I’m still not convinced the laptop is fixed, so we shall see….

I left Selbourne on a Friday night, and I was in the mood for a bit of a drink. So I pointed myself at the nearest city, Winchester, parked up and took myself out on the town.

Ended up in an Irish bar with live music; nothing you can’t find in any city really, and ended up hanging out with a bunch of 18 year olds, which made me feel about a million, especially when they started telling me how I old I was, and one of them called me Grandma.

I nearly killed them.

All of them.

Honestly, I was going to write the night off, until I met a group, a Dad and his son, and two of their single Mum friends out for a night, who seemed to have no interest in anything other than dancing. Which is something I can 100% get on board with, I love me a good dance.

Ended up staying out till about four, and danced literally the entire time. So no, I can’t really give a good over view of the cities night life as originally intended, but I had fun so there you go.

I had intended to check out Winchester Cathedral the next day. But the night was longer than I expected, and I didn’t wake up until my parking was nearly out, I only had the time to take Caspian out before I had to move on. I will simply have to return at some point.

Oh no….

I pressed onwards, 100% not hung over, and moved from place to place for a couple of days, sleeping in laybys and just having a general splore.  I’ve never spent much time in the southern countryside before, but it’s actually quite pretty.

This made me think I should probably, instead of hoboing from place to place, put in some real time in the southern country parks. I went to the New Forest, which I didn’t realize is actually very old, and booked in a campsite there for a week.

I booked into the Setthorns campsite , it was not stupid money, with electricity, and a half hour walk from a corner shop and pub, while the campsite itself was still in the midst of the forest, so it gets a recommend if you’re looking for a touring site down south. Although I will say make sure you don’t need to contact anyone while you’re there because the signal is absolute pisswiffle.

I was aware, before arriving, that the New Forest is famed for its horses. I didn’t realize quite how many horses…

(There are supposed to be pictures here, but due to the laptop malfunction listed above I don’t have them anymore unfortunately…)

They are everywhere, in the roads, on the paths, in people’s gardens. Although it was quite nice because with the addition of limpy:

(Another picture of an adorable deer lost)

And the squirrel that tormented Calypso by sitting on the windshield and watching her. And the nest that fell on my roof one night, exploding and nearly frightening me to death. I felt very close to nature, almost Disney princess like…

But it was a nice week, I spent the whole thing working in the mornings and walking in the afternoons, getting very wet because it rained every single night, but I was happy as well as muddy.

I took myself out on a date to the Silver Hind pub in Sway one night  and got myself a boar and apple burger, which was pretty tasty. After my meal I met up with some friends online, (we like to play D&D together) and if the fact that I was allowed to sit in the corner yelling stuff like ‘Charge the goblin!’ and ‘Stop dropping your bloody axe!’ doesn’t recommend a pub to you then I don’t know what will.

As I say, I spent the week, yet I did a stupid, and forgot that on my ‘List of 118 things to do’ there was Horse riding in the New Forest. However, I always intended to hit the national parks more than once, so I will simply do it next time through (That’s the second time I’ve said that this post, I’m starting to feel I have failed as a travel blogger.)

The intention, after the New Forest, was to move West along the coast, hit Bournemouth, and move down to Weymouth, where a few other things on my list, like the Carne Abbas Giant and the Jurassic Coastal Walk.

However, I will admit, I got to Bournemouth in a bit of a foul mood. I thought I would take a walk on the beach to cheer myself up.  The beach in Bournemouth is…. Piles of owl droppings levels of bad. Plus it rained. So I was on a terrible beach, in miserable drizzly rain, in a terrible mood, with a bit of a cold.

I thought a hot drink would be the solution, so I took myself for one and got hit on by a guy who thought ‘negging’ was his way in.

(For those not in the know negging is when you try to pick someone up by throwing out a back handed compliment like “Usually when someone’s eyes are too close together they look creepy, but I think you look sweet”. The idea is to throw a pretty girl off her game and make her desperate for your approval.)

Never in my life have I seen a successful neg, I didn’t even think it was still a thing. Nor did I appreciate such a tactic being used on me. It sunk my mood further into the ground and I was slowly contemplating what a terrible time I was having in Bournemouth when my brain woke up and I remember that I live in a tiny house on wheels.

So I left.

And ended up in Southampton, a coastal town much more to my liking, in which I spent the week mostly drunk and enjoyed; tapas, a drag show, breaking and entering and a visit from a friend.

All stories for the next blog post so make sure to subscribe :P.

2 thoughts on “Camper Full Of Animals – In Which I forget to do everything in the New Forest

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit the New Forest!


  2. Boar and apple burger sounds interesting. Burgers and fruits are nice.


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