Double Bill Book Review – Blame Bogart/Greg and Gary: Halloween in Danger

Blame Bogart

by Diane Rose Dufy and Lilly Bicho

blame bogart.jpg

The story of a dog who get’s his world turned upside down by the arrival of a new cat in the family.

Bogart is a joint effort by a grandmother/granddaughter team, illustrated by the ten year old Lilly, written together and edited by the Diane. It’s a lovely and admirable project for a family to undertake together, and I think that it would make a great purchase for someone with children as an example of what can be achieved with hard work or some inspiration for those looking to undertake a similar project.

The adventure’s of Bogart and his cat nemesis are nice and simple and a lot of effort has gone into the illustrations. The story and illustrations are exceptional….

For a ten year old.

There are several cases of repetition and odd wording and the illustrations are obviously done by a young artist. Knowing the context in which the book is written is very important as I think this is the best book you could expect from a young girl, but if you are looking for a book polished by professionals then yes, this is the wrong purchase for you.

Without knowing the family personally there is little I can take away from Bogart except for that warm feeling you get when you see earnest young people engaging in positive and creative activities.

In short; a purchase worth making for families interested in undertaking a similar project, but not for anyone else.

Greg and Gary: Halloween in Danger

by Maria Rusu

This book is a complete mess.greg and gary halloween.jpg

The rights take up half the book because they’ve not been properly formatted so there’s only one word per line.

Illustrations look like 90’s 3D game models or something MS paint threw up and are copied and pasted multiple times.

The story is not only incoherent, with it’s completely broken format, but also (the bits I could make out at any rate) were completely uninteresting.

I honestly can’t believe anyone would have the pure brass to ask for money for this.



1 thought on “Double Bill Book Review – Blame Bogart/Greg and Gary: Halloween in Danger

  1. Wow that front cover is a mess…I dread to think what the rest of it looks like.

    The other cover looks much more cohesive and it was drawn by a ten year old. Come on now.


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