CFOA – In Which I Visit London For Over Priced Food, A Show And Get Shouted At; So An Average Trip To London.

It was another early start to get back to the mainland. Made early by the fact I was determined to stop at the super cheap Asda for diesel before my departure, and then made late by the cat jumping onto the side of her litter box from the kitchen top and catapulting it’s contents down the full length of Enid.

It was a fun 5am.

I was more confident on the boat this time, and I was soon pulling back into Southampton. The plan from there was to park up in my cheapy cheap car park and take the animals to the train station and make our way into London.

This should have been as easy as it sounds. It was not.

Southern trains are… I’m going to call them unreliable because I already used all my swear words at the time. But suffice to say; I arrived at the station at a little past 9, I did not arrive in London till sometime past 2. I actually ended up in Bognor Regis, which, if you know anything about South England geography, is evidently insane.

I honestly think it would have been faster if I’d walked. And to top it all off an angry man, hit Caspian with his stick.

I am not usually one to swear at and insult people in public, but I did this particular man. Just because she sat in front of the door he gave her a good whack in the side with his stick. There was no need, I was moving her, despite my obviously heavy bag and the fact I was also carrying a bag with an angry cat in. Caspian doesn’t understand the concept of being in the way; she is a dog.

So yes, I arrived in London a little angry, but with the prospect of seeing an actual laptop repair man who might help me as opposed to informing me as to my laptops broken state (like some Isle of Wight businesses).

I spent some time sorting laptop stuff which is 0 fun to write about. But the next evening it was time for a night out and a show (not having been to a show in London in years I was rather excited).

All nights out start with good food, tried Flesh and Buns near Covent Garden, a place specialising (funnily enough) in meaty boa buns. I will give it credit the food was really tasty and the sake list was extensive (although so expensive I was unwilling to order off it) and their dessert of smoores you make yourself over a stone bowl of fire they bring to the table was charming.

The service was quite bad though. Not atrocious, I’ve had worse service (I once had a waitress stop me mid order to take a personal call, then proceed to have a conversation about her weekend night out). But I find a waitress who advises you to not order things odd, not to mention the drinks she forgot or the fact that our table was, apparently booked for an hour and a half after we sat down (perhaps more forgiveable if it hadn’t taken her 20 minutes to come and take the sodding order), and she didn’t feel the need to warn us until the moment we had to move.

But we had a show to get to anyway; Evita, on it’s final night. I quite enjoyed it, the costuming was fantastic and the woman who played the mistress was amazing, absolutely flattening her co stars in her solo. I wasn’t too impressed with Eva herself, and she completely drowned her husband whenever they sang together (not in a good way).


The man who was sat next to me also needed to not sing. I don’t know why he needed it explaining to him that I was there to listen to a professional sing, not random man in the front row who only knew half the words.

It was only a flying trip to London, I was soon trying to find my way back out again on trains that were somehow worse than trains I used to get in. It took over five hours, I had to get two different buses and ended up in Winchester where one of the buses broke down and the man in charge refused to run another because “I only have one spare bus for emergencies and I don’t want to be left without one”.

If the buses breaking down and not running don’t count as an emergency to the BUS COMPANY I don’t want to know what does. Or are these buses reserve ambulances too or something?

I made it back to Southampton very late, but in one piece. The Animals were quite happy to see Enid again and we set off for the South Downs straight away.  I’d intended to get there that night, but with the trains taking a billion years it was later than I’d hoped and I ended up spending a night in a lay by on the A3.

1 thought on “CFOA – In Which I Visit London For Over Priced Food, A Show And Get Shouted At; So An Average Trip To London.

  1. I literally cannot stand it when people talk or sing over a show! I hardly ever get to see them so if someone’s being noisy I get cross very quickly haha!


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