Interactive Fiction for 13+Double/Cross Cover

Christopher Haywood is one of the richest, most influential men in England. But a recent spree of kidnapping attempts has caused him to fear for his safety. That’s where you come in, hired to be his bodyguard his safety is your priority. Everything is going smoothly until his family comes to stay.

Will you choose to stand by your duty or will you decide Mr Haywood is not worth your protection? Perhaps you will find another employer with different interests more worthy of your time or maybe you’ll find the kidnapper closer to home than you first thought? Will you find your soul mate in this pit of vipers or get swept away by their schemes?

  • 85,000 word romantic drama
  • Play male or female, gay or straight
  • Schmooze, sneak, back stab, fight or work your way to the top.
  • Piece together the truth about the colorful cast that surrounds you. Uncover the secret of the kidnapper and covet favors to play a pivotal role in this sordid affair.

Genre: An intrigue romance fiction, choose your own path with
an interactive experience. Aimed at adults.

Available on the iStore, Android, Google and Kindle

Play the first few chapters for free here: To Double/Cross!

“Just wow. Just can’t get enough of your game!!” – Miss Jen

” After playing loads and loads of such games, I’m please to admit that this game here, “Double/Cross” is one of the best I’ve ever encountered” – A Fan From The West Indies

” I absolutely love this choice of game! I’ve played it countless, and I mean COUNTLESS of times.” – Nocturne

” I played this over and over 23 times and I still love it!!!” – AvidReader

“Very engaging and beautiful story.” – Viobooom

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