Tick-Tock – A Fantasy Adventure. Suitable for all ages.Tick-Tock Cover

“She saw his body was not a body at all. A bronze plate ran from his collar bone over his chest, stopping where his stomach would have been and giving way to ticking silver cogs, groaning mercilessly as they pumped what looked like clotted black oil. ”

Coalridge. The name says it all. It’s a barren wasteland running down the ridge to the little town where the people spend most of their lives deep underground, mining rocks as hard as their heads. This is where Vega is stuck, even though she’s so difference. Exiled with her family from a home she was too young to remember, Vega belongs neither here nor there. The only place she knows she doesn’t belong is down in the mines.

The only person who understands is Rigel, her brother. But when the pact that was meant to help their escape backfires Vega ends up truly alone for the first time. It’s strange how easy running away is when you have nothing to lose.

Available on Kindle here: To Tick-Tock!

“With a quirky writing style and a fantastically well realised world we get to follow the emotional and physical journey of Vega in a story that doesn’t pull it’s punches” – Raziya

“The world the author has built is fascinating and vividly brought to life.” – Jethril