Tick-Tock – A Fantasy Adventure. Suitable for 8+TickTock_Cover_for_Kindle


“What would you do to get out of here? I mean, if you had to trade, what would you give?”


Vega’s trapped. Exiled with her family to Coalridge, Vega knows she doesn’t belong in the town, or the mine she’s doomed to work in – but she’s never getting out.

The only person who understands is her brother, Rigel. But when their plan to escape backfires Vega must learn to stand on her own two feet; because there’s no one left for her to lean on.



The Second Edition of Tick-Tock has recently been released, with all new cover art and illustrations. Available in paperback and digitally, pick it up right now here!


“With a quirky writing style and a fantastically well-realised world, we get to follow the emotional and physical journey of Vega in a story that doesn’t pull its punches” – Raziya

“The world the author has built is fascinating and vividly brought to life.” – Jethril


One of the twelve fabulous new illustrations for Tick-Tock Second Edition


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