Recommended Work

A few choice works from other indie’s I’ve enjoyed and I think are worth supporting!



The Ghost Of Christmas Past by Michael Hebler

A novella about the how the Ghost Of Christmas Past came to be.

My full thoughts are here:

Review – The Ghost Of Christmas Past




Halibut Herring and YouHalibut, Herring and You: Short Stories

A collection of fantasy and sci-fi stories from award-winning author and blogger Carla Billinghurst.

My Thoughts:

A great collection of quirky short stories that I found completely useless as bedtime reading as they kept making me laugh.

The titular story of Halibut, Herring and You is a real stand out, for how can you hate Milton – a man who insists on dressing like a penguin with the infallible determination of a true hero? The Emergency Cat was also reliable for a good laugh out loud with it’s unusual narrative style. It reminded me of Walter Moers Captain Bluebear, juxtaposing ridiculous situations with frank narratives.

I was treated to a pleasant surprise half way through with Counting, a short that I won’t spoil, but one that ended up my favorite and really showed Billinghursts’ range as a writer.