Review Submissions

Alright fellow writers/game makers, I don’t charge for this service, but I reserve the right to reject any material I don’t feel is right, offensive or arrives in my inbox before my morning coffee. If you’re looking for an interview or guest post please contact me through the contact page.

Please take a moment to read the info below, in the interest of not wasting anyone’s time.

Books I review:
I prioritize Middle Grade, Children’s Book’s and Picture Book’s, and take YA and Fantasy behind that. I also take Social Issues Fiction for any age group. I also like to indulge in a good romance from time to time, but if the protagonist is wet the review will not be favourable. Outside of those genres please feel free to enquire, but your work will have to really catch my eye.
I take hard copies and .mobi files. I will take .pdfs if needs must but I don’t like to.
Games I review:
I will take any game with a heavy narrative focus, or any choice based fiction in any genre.
I won’t review:
Anything from people who don’t think they need to fill out the fields below. You need to pitch the work, make me excited for it. I’m under no obligation to read or play your work. So if under ‘What makes your work special’ you just put, ‘It’s original’ or you can’t be bothered to tell me what the narrative is about, I probably won’t be requesting it, that information means nothing to me.
The work must be available for either sale or pre-sale, I’m not a beta reader and don’t review books/games that ‘Might be available at some point’.
Free Downloads, the work must be for sale.
Horror, the only genre I won’t consider. I’m a huge coward.

What I do:
Review it (obviously), usually at least 500 words, but of course it may be less for children’s or picture book’s if that is the case I may put the book in a Double Bill. The reviews will be posted here, Amazon, Goodreads and YouTube as a vlog, regardless of rating. Game Devs. feel free to request I put the review on X site to replace Goodreads. My review will cover both positive and negative aspects of the work, regardless of my overall opinion, so potential buyers can make an informed purchase decision.
Read It, although If I strongly dislike the book/game I won’t promise to finish it. I’ve never given up on a book before page 200, but if I’m hating it by then I won’t finish it, but I will still review it if I consider the book unreadable I will be telling people. As for a game I consider 2 hours to be a good taster.
Some last things you should know:
Please take some time to look at the kind of reviews I do before submitting. I’m an honest reviewer and I’m fed up of emails coming to me after I’ve put out reviews explaining why my opinion is wrong.
I do try and get back to everyone who messages in a month (with the exception of people who give me the minimum required information on their pitch, as, if you can’t give me the time of day I will not give you any in return), whether I would like to read the book or not. However, as I get a lot of requests sometimes emails get buried. If I don’t reply, please feel free to message me again and accept my apologies. You can also find a load of other reviewers at The Indie View