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When I Got Reincarnated As A Spider With My Goddess (Isekai Fantasy Light Novel) Vol. 1

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HAHAAAAH, I commend your high spirits. But here is the real deal. You will not save the world alone. Each of you will form a contract with a god or goddess who will support you on your journey to save the world. The duo that makes the most contribution in saving this world will be awarded by the divine realm. In the victor party, the god will be given the opportunity to become the in charge and take control of that world and ascend to the upper echelons in the divine realm. While the human will have one of his wish fulfilled of whatever they desire.” At the end of these words the Assembly was in an uproar. Not only the students but the gods and goddesses started talking among themselves and raised several questions. Still seeing the human girl dithering, made me feel uncomfortable and some sort of silent pressure began to seethe in my sword. A burning smell filled the air like it was being scorched in the sun. Only my partner Elly, would understand me. Even though we did not speak to each other but we could find solace in our own small world without any outside intervention or interference. Both of us were afraid from the outside gusty winds that can blow you away from your goals or the perilous water crowd whose pressure can drown you with your foolish desires. Up to volume 5, our protagonist has met 6 side characters, 4 of those being young girls (relatively young). Each of these 4 have almost an entire dedicated volume going like this: girl meets MC; they get along; girl doesn't want to be a weight for some reason and drag the MC down; girl runs away while MC is sleeping; girl runs into trouble alone; MC comes to the rescue; corny dialogue. First, I needed to fetch a chair from the side – to keep this box, until I was willing enough to idly stand around to let it just slip from under my hands. Then I moved some old video cassettes, carefully side-stepping the mountain of books, a number of which have formed inside my room over time. The absence of a book-shelf for accommodation of more of my belongings was clear to me as day.

Today the General Assembly was filled with both energy and joy. Humans’ visiting the divine realm for reincarnation with a God or Goddess was a very big deal after all. Opportunities that keep you entertained in an immortal body in divine realm for a long time were just too few. Also the opportunity to take control over a world and ascend to upper echelons of the divine realm was a big opportunity for new gods and goddesses like me who belonged to the lower echelons. In the wars of holy crusade on Isleguard hundreds years ago I lost my family when I was too young. My father mother and big brother were the victims of the gore of the war. After that my family lost all its power and authority in divine realm. I think its fate, that she ended up being reincarnated in the same world where once you commanded an army during the Holy war. I think she will grow up to be even stronger than you.” As the echoes of our swords colliding reverberated throughout the dungeon, my perception of the battle began to shift and I could feel the change. I steeled my resolve and wished with all my heart and prayed to whomever these callings go to please chose me. A warm sensation had stimulated the center of my body and as it spread in my limbs, abdomen and head; I felt as if my calls had been answered.But the little smile on my face disappeared. The girl who stood before me was cursed throughout her life by her adoptive parents. The abuse was constant, raising a child in that environment was unthinkable, and I was warped by it. ‘Stupid brat, always got that sad, nasty look in her eyes, we can’t kill her so why doesn’t she try to take her own life and spare us the trouble.’ Remarks like this had become a normal exchange of words between my uncle and aunt. I had a single photo with my parents when I was little. The photo depicted my parents hugging me in front of our old house. I don’t remember their faces even in my memory. The ones in the picture are they really my parents. I don’t even remember the voice of my parents and how they felt about me. Did they too want that I was never born? Were they kind to me? Did they really love me? At least I would like to think they did. A pair of warm hands caressed my shoulder, as if someone was trying to relieve me from my stress, but is there really someone kind here. But before I even felt it I was pushed forward, but somehow my foot landed on the marble of the lower floor where in front of my eyes stood a girl helpless and afraid of whatever was in her sight. I turned my body in a circle and after inspecting my surroundings I saw that everyone’s gazes were fixed on that girl.

The angel then looked upwards and flew much higher than before into the white sky. Suddenly the platform, before we even realized was moving upwards slowly yet it seems to have been maintain a steady pace. After losing her parents at an early age, Sachi Kondo has lived without neither the joy of having close friends nor the experience of the love and affection of parents. However, after a sudden death in a school bus accident, she and her classmates were transported to divine realm to be reincarnated—and tasked with saving a new world. Thinking about the new happy life that she would get, she wished to be reborn. Surprisingly, we ended up in another outdoor space, if you could even call it that. I could see the ever-present sprawling clouds in the distance, but there were blooming flowers beneath my feet. I could see a few ivory pillars, much like the ones from outside the Pantheon, jutting out of the ground here and there. Since the pillars were supporting only a huge single slab of marble, they kind of reminded me of Egyptian style architecture. I soaked myself in a fur towel which was so smooth that I kept it rubbing on my cheeks after drying my hairs with a hair dryer without using electricity. I used the same logic again. The image of hot air manifested itself from the hair drier. I thought I was using magic and it was fun too. I found a pair of ironed clothes in the drawer. Kaya’s vision was suddenly filled with reminiscences. But what could Alicia, clearly from a different age and land have made the goddess of malice recall?Even if you wait out the storm or try to fight it. In the end, it only leaves scars behind and regrets.” With me as the only surviving member, no god wanted to bother with a low-level god child. With no guidance my divine powers were not that great and grew up to be the most infamous ‘non-combatant weak god.’ Often the other elder goddesses tried to make fun of me and used to make me run errands. I was just too weak to stand against them or refuse their most trivial demands. I had to bear it all, after all no one would dare to go against the wishes of a god from the upper echelons. Sure we will love to feast on one of your esteemed spoils of wild hunting.” Goddess Hera spoke in her sweet and young accent.

The seal inside the dungeon starts to shatter and break into fragments. The formation of the dungeon supported by it after losing its energy source starts to collapse as well. I would cry a lot at that time, but the tears soon dried out, and what remained was my desire to be loved and cared for which was met by the disgusted looks of my uncle and aunt. In their eyes, I was merely a burden, a load that had nothing in its possession, a being that was better off not existing in their world. The goddess’s magic was no exception as even the heated purple light could not escape the pull. Even the color of the dungeon slightly looked faded from the massive pull. Usually I used to go and close myself up in the library and read books all day and night. This was my only escape. The only place where I could find peace, my own divine salvation. Even though I was alone and wanted to talk to someone more than anything and share my sorrow, my work of interest, discuss with others about their life and what future held for the divine realm, but in this life of isolation, friendship does not exist. At least I was happy to be alone since it was better than to face those haughty goddesses who always made fun of me and saw me as a tool to relieve them of their boredom.No matter how many times our blades crashed, they did not roar. They did not scream or yell. Only the land around us and the dungeon walls turned white-hot and scorched the earth around them.

Athena tried to move her puny, slim limbs and legs but they did not possess the strength to even stir the air. Fine then. I wanted to know about my daughter Sachi. What happened that she ended up in the divine realm and also broke the first seal?” With an undecided slight nod from both of them, Alicia strode forward, neither fearing nor faltering in her steps one bit.Taking advantage of the situation, Alicia moved her other blade around in a wide swing. To unlearned observers, the swing may have appeared unsophisticated, but in reality, it was a meticulously executed powerful strike. While the spider gets a place to live and insects to feed upon. I would be saved from loneliness… not like I was exactly aiming or only hoping for it to get rid of all the mosquitoes that disturbed me in my beauty sleep. I was not the kind of violent girl who would think of headbutting another delicate girl like me. But before I could think of any way to resist, light had already vanished from my pupils.

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